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To each their own design...

Anybody has the potential to be creative and everybody has their own taste. Sayes is to be considered a highly reputable brand, and it allows you to personalise the jewelry to your taste.

Sayes Designer Academy will help you set your creative self free. It will be an occasion for anyone to express their feelings through a piece of jewelry. There will be rules and steps to follow, but it will give you great satisfaction to see what you have created.

The winning projects will be brought to life by our goldsmiths and they will be named after the designers. They will then be sold and 50% of the proceeds will be given to the creator. The author of one of these designs could end up signing a contract with Sayes.

There’s no need for technical skills in order to submit your work: the greatest projects are born from a simple sketch.

If you wish to pre-register to be kept up to date on the Academy, simply e-mail us

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